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    Review 1 of 4: Valet Trash pickup
    I did not receive the notice about the new trash schedule until a few days ago. The flyer left at my door said it would be Sunday through Thursday mornings. I put my trash out at 8:45 this morning (Sunday January 13) and it has not yet been picked up. How long does it normally take?
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    Review 2 of 4: Love it here!
    Four Lakes is a great place to live. We have lived here for several years and find that it only gets better. The staff are all very helpful and kind, and service requests are handled quickly. The open air layout of the community and beautiful natural landscaping really make it a great place to live. Highly recommend!
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    Review 3 of 4: Maintenance
    It amazes me how wonderful one person can be in a community. Bebe the maintenance lady is the most carrying employee I have ever met. This woman works almost every day and night. No matter how tire she maybe she always comes out and fix the issues at hand. Not only that but she is the only one that makes sure every weekend this garbage dumpster is clean. She even helps out residents in need. She is the reason we are still here. Thank you Bebe for all you do and I hope they appreciate you as much as we do here.
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    Review 4 of 4: N/A
    I would like to give BeBe in maintenance 5 stars. She always gets the job done right and checks up with residents after to make sure all is good or anything else is needed. I would high recommend her for all my maintenance requests.